MYM Holdings was started from a light bulb moment

As a parent I have always probed and wanted to know the value of time spent by my child as an aspiring creative. I believed there was a better and more meaningful way that this could be collated in a way that is impactful by creating value and igniting self-worth.

My 15 years of experience in the corporate world had re-emerged and fueled this undertaking where  ALAS! I formalised the consulting journey, which I later extended to attracting small businesses as well.

The skills I have obtained over the years working for one of South Africa’s top Banks and in the Travel and Tourism industry (overseeing local, International and Africa corporate clients) enabled me to immerse myself into the professionalism of business.

When I started my career, I compelled myself to have a standing objective which I lived by over the years and after the birth of MYM Holdings it has become my business objective too – “Exceed expectations exceptionally and successfully contribute to the dynamic world of business.

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