MYM Consulting

SME and SMME’s (New and existing):

We ensure that there is sustained economic growth in this sector which in the long term will assist in boosting employment opportunities and curb the current scourge of unemployment in the country

  • Starting and registering a business

Getting business ready, meeting regulatory requirements and being compliance ready

  • Assisting with service level agreements

Assist in drafting SLA templates for your own business’s customer service undertakings

  • Assisting with tender/ RFP proposals

 Tender response writing and assessment of requirements to ensure compliance and eligibility 

  • Compliance

Support with registering on the various supplier databases and ensuring compliance readiness

Social media lifestyle influencers:

Not all social media entrepreneurs/ Influencers are affiliated to an agency that can source opportunities on their behalf with companies that need new faces or personalities for their advertisements and campaigns

  • 360 Personality brand management

Assist in creating a body of work on all jobs (past & present) in a template form for ease of reference. We also consult on social commerce – how clients can monetize their social media platforms and apps.

  • Brand strategy and Marketing

 Brand packaging, individual value creation  alignment and brand awareness – WHAT YOU STAND FOR!

  • Contract management

Notably creating instant awareness of competitive brands and breach of any contract thereof

  • Compliance

Basic requirements of being a fully rounded individual pertaining to the Laws of the Republic of South Africa

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